Hire Lone Star Roofing to Handle Your Roof Claim Repairs

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Lone Star Roofing does more than just install roofs. We also specialize in homeowner insurance claims. Repairs are simple when you rely on our comprehensive service. We will review your insurance company estimate form and verify the items and quantities meet the scope of the repair project. We will also review the estimate for code required upgrades that also need to be included in the repair.

You won't have to stress over going through the claims process yourself. We've handled numerous claim repairs for homeowners over the years, so you can rest easy knowing that we have a handle on the process.

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We can repair a wide variety of structures

We can repair a wide variety of structures

Once your claim has been processed for homeowner's insurance repairs, we can get to work repairing any damaged exterior features, including:

  • Roofs - Shingle, wood shake and metal.
  • Fences - Wood, composite and aluminum.
  • Siding - Vinyl, wood and metal.
  • Gutters - Aluminum, steel and copper.

Put your roof replacement project in the hands of a roofing contractor that your neighbors trust.

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